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Sea Japan

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20-22 April 2022


Sea Japan 2022


Tokyo Big Sight East Hall 5 & 6



From 4 to 7 April, DEIF will be at the Nor-Shipping 2022 trade fair in Oslo, Norway. Come visit us at booth B01-06 to learn more about our marine control solutions, from bridge instruments over power management controllers to energy management solutions. We look forward to seeing you!

Showcased products

Xdi 144 Front1

DEIF's XDi illuminated display indicator series is a compact, easy-to-install, versatile and user-friendly revolution in bridge instrumentation.

Xdi N Front Navigation
XDi-N (navigation)

Offering a number of advanced functions, including direct access to the main functions using the pushbuttons on the front, the XDi Navigation version (XDi-N) is the top model of DEIF’s display-based indicator range.

XL Front

DEIF’s robust, accurate and flexible illuminated bridge indicators are designed to meet the unique regulatory, space and integration challenges of today’s bridge environment.

WAU 100 Front
WAU 100

The WAU 100 is designed to meet the mandatory anemometer and monitoring requirements of ExxonMobil’s Marine Environmental, Safety and Quality Assurance Criteria (MESQAC) for international ocean/seagoing tanker vessels in ExxonMobil affiliate service.

AGI 400 Front

A comprehensive HMI solution, DEIF’s AGI 400 series connects to all DEIF Multi-line controllers, as well as third party electronics, via standard defined communication protocols, featuring functionalities which eliminate the need for other instruments, thus saving you both space and wiring.

MVR 200 Small Front

The MVR-200 series provides an optimal protection and control solution for any utility, power plant, wind power, offshore, marine, industrial, commercial or institutional electrical protection

PPU 300 Display Front
PPU 300

The PPU 300 Paralleling and Protection Unit is a highly configurable controller designed for marine use.

PPM 300 Display Front
PPM 300

Designed for applications in the marine and offshore industry, DEIF's innovative PPM 300 solution is a versatile, intelligent controller platform for power management and generator control.

GPU 300 Front
GPU 300

The GPU 300 generator protection unit is designed for marine use. Each controller contains all the functions that are needed to protect electrical equipment with a breaker, for example, a diesel generator, a busbar, or a motor.

ML300 Switchboard Front

Customisable switchboard for testing system design and training.

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