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PowerGen Int.

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23-25 May


PowerGen Int.


Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, Dallas, TX



Calling all power professionals in North America: From 23-25 May 2022, DEIF will be at the PowerGen trade fair in Dallas, TX. Come visit us at booth #D35-07 to learn more about our control solutions that ensure power is always available when downtime isn’t an option. We look forward to seeing you!

Showcased products

AWC 500 Front
AWC 500

The AWC 500 Advanced Controller ( PLC-based PAC ) is the latest addition to our AWC controller series. AWC 500 offers an unprecedented and unrivalled level of robustness.

AGC 4 Mk II + TDU + CAT6 Cable

The automatic genset controller AGC-4 Mk II is the world’s most comprehensive genset controller offering all necessary functions for protection and control

AGC 150 Mains Front
AGC 150 Hybrid

The AGC 150 Hybrid comes with all the necessary functions for protection and control of a hybrid installation with PV and genset. The controller is ideal for small and medium PV plants with up to 16 inverters, e.g. rooftop PV plants.

AGC 150 Mains Front
AGC 150 Generator

The AGC 150 Genset controller containing all necessary functions for control and protection of a genset. The slim design makes the genset controller suitable for paralleling even small gensets thus the AGC 150 is integrable in nearly all types of gensets.

AGC 150 BTB Front

The AGC 150 BTB controller can synchronise one breaker, protect and monitor the busbar. In total, DEIF’s power management system can handle eight bus tie breakers.

AGC 150 Mains Front
AGC 150 Mains

The AGC 150 Mains controller can synchronise one or two breakers (mains breaker and tie breaker) plus protect and monitor the utility.

AGC 150 Front
AGC 150 Stand alone

The AGC 150 Stand alone controller for controlling non synchronising applications with all the necessary functions for genset protection. It stands out for its reliability and operator-friendliness.

AGC 150 Engine Drive
AGC 150 Engine Drive

The AGC 150 Engine Drive controller provides engine protection and controls engine start and stop sequences, including simple fixed- and variable speed functions for pump applications.

AGC150 Mirror (1)
AGC 150 Remote Display

With the AGC 150 Remote Display unit, you can access and control any master controller in the AGC 150 series over the local network. This provides fast incident response and operational convenience.

SGC 420 & 421

The SGC 420/421 controller is designed for AMF applications with a mechanical and electronically controlled engine (CANbus) and features advanced battery charge management.

SGC 120 (Front)
SGC 120 & 121

The SGC 120/121 controllers are modern genset controllers for AMF applications with an electronically controlled engine (CANbus) and AMF applications with electronic governor.

SGC 410 (Front)
SGC 410

The SGC 410 controller is designed for Island applications with a mechanical and electronically controlled engine (CANbus) and features advanced battery charge management.

SGC 110 (Front)
SGC 110

The SGC 110 is a modern genset controller for island applications with a mechanically controlled engine, featuring all needed functions for effective genset control.

Who will you meet at the DEIF stand?

  • 04 Jean Felber Terra Gen Case

    Jean S. Felber

    Business Development Manager

    +45 2019 9291 |
  • Søren Dahl Christensen -SDC

    Søren Dahl Christensen

    Global Business Development Manager, Key Accounts & Owners

  • CLS Bnw 2

    Clint Shirley

    Business Development Manager – Hybrid/Microgrids

    +1 336 942 2404 |

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