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A career at DEIF

As a new employee at DEIF, the career opportunities are many!

A career at DEIF may develop in many ways - and many directions. It all depends on your wishes, your background, your personal potential and our ability to make it all match the ambitious growth and development strategies of the company. We offer plenty of room for a career with jobs in different business units, at different organisational levels and in different countries. Your time with us can be as exciting and fruitful as you want. The possibilities are many – the choice is yours to take!

People leadership

In the people leadership track, you manage people management. This track consists of roles where you are responsible for leading and developing employees within your department or team.
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Project management

In the project management track, you work with projects. You can, for example, hold a project manager title and be responsible for delivering projects according to agreed time and quality with a number of people involved in the project.

The professional track

In the professional track, you work within your profession of expertise. For example as an engineer, Software developer, HR consultant, Marketing specialist etc. This track holds many opportunities to go sideways towards other roles that may be out of your current department and a chance to develop in your current position to become more specialised. 

Preparing for the future

Making sure that we have the right people in the proper roles with the right set of competencies, is an essential step in reaching our strategic goals.

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Watch Senior Vice President of Human Resources & Communication explain the career tracks and career opportunities.