DEIF Values

we let our employees lead the way

Our employees shape our values

It has been proven that organizations that promote clear values, move more easily towards its vision. Therefore, our corporate values, tell the tale of who we are. They represent the core characteristics of DEIF and the way we have been working together for more than eight decades. 

The process of promoting our values

In the winter of 2008-2009, DEIFs values were defined and implemented in a process involving employees from all parts of our global organisation. All DEIF employees were therefore invited to contribute by describing DEIF's daily life through good examples and stories that could assist in highlighting and expressing our values.

We found 3 characteristics of what makes DEIF a unique place to work:

  • Respect
  • Ambition
  • Perspective


Each of the three values is important but the interdependency between them is even more important. We strive for a natural balance between the values in everything we do. This means that we put the values into practice every time we make decisions and, in general, when we are doing our daily work. They are the frame of reference that helps show the road in terms of good behaviour and cooperation. Both internally and with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. That is why, from the moment you start working for or with DEIF, you will meet a strong company culture based on respect, ambition and perspective.