UN Global Compact & DEIF

The 10 principles and how we interpret them:

Human rights

  • we support and respect internationally proclaimed human rights
  • we ensure that we are not complicit in human rights abuses

We support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights and make sure that we do not in any way contribute to the violation of human rights.

DEIF wants to secure equal rights for people in general and therefore we commit ourselves to define and execute on global targets, e.g. for women in leadership positions and employment of people with reduced ability to work. We take pride in developing our people and conduct annual development dialogues with all our employees.

DEIF as well as our suppliers must protect employees against physical, sexual or mental abuse of any kind.

Labour rights

  • we uphold the freedom of association and recognise effectively the right to collective bargaining
  • we support the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labour
  • we support the efforts to abolish child labour
  • we eliminate discrimination in respect of employment and occupation

DEIF upholds freedom of association and recognizes the right to collective bargaining. We respect and comply with relevant labour regulation in the countries where we do business.

DEIF and our suppliers work to eliminate all forms of forced labour and we work to eliminate the use of child labour. We ask all major suppliers and partners to sign and commit to our code of conduct. We conduct audits and follow-up meetings with selected suppliers and set up targets for self -assessment and reporting. In case of non-compliance, we ask suppliers to prepare action plans to close the gaps.

DEIF is an international company and strives for diversity in the organization. This means that we provide equal opportunities for people regardless of race, gender, age, religion and political conviction.

Safety & environment

  • we support a precautionary approach to safety and environmental challenges
  • we undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility
  • we encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies

DEIF and our suppliers place the safety of employees before everything else, and it is our stated goal to have zero work-related injuries. We expect our customers to provide a safe working environment that prevents accidents and do not expose our employees to health & safety risks when working on the customer site. We ensure safety training, instruction and supervision for all colleagues and only instructed people are allowed to carry out the tasks. All DEIF employees are trained to make a health & safety assessment of the site and it is his/her duty to refuse any work that may compromise his/her health & safety. We carry out annual audits to make sure that we comply with our policy at all times.

We want to increase the level of safety and environmental protection by continuous measurements and improvements, and we take a sustainable and ‘green’ approach in all matters of business. We work actively to reduce the use of chemicals and harmful substances in DEIF and at our suppliers - in products, production, buildings and cleaning activities.


  • we work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery

DEIF refrains from corruption, bribery, extortion and use of other methods that may create conflicts of interest related to our business. We request DEIF colleagues only to accept or give minor gifts and only to participate in meetings, events, etc. that are within the scope of normal business practices. If in doubt about issues concerning gifts and entertainment, the individual employee should consult his/her manager for clarification. Any decisions, actions or behavior compromising DEIF’s stance on anti-corruption will have consequences for the employee(s) involved.

Our contracts are always prepared in accordance with existing laws and regulation, and we take care to make sure that our contracts with suppliers, consultants and other cooperation partners include sections on anti-corruption.


CSR report 2019

High business ethics and strong focus on sustainable solutions go hand in hand with good business.

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How we act responsibly

At DEIF, we take our corporate social responsibility seriously. We have therefore implemented a number of initiatives to ensure the implementation of sustainable solutions throughout the global organisation.

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