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Bridge Instrumentation

Game Changers & Customised Solutions

A front-runner in marine bridge instrumentation, DEIF consistently invests in R&D and has developed a number of innovative products at our research centre and manufacturing site in Skive, Denmark.
These include high-accuracy illuminated indicators based on patented microprocessor-controlled X-coil technology. Increasingly, vessels shift from using analogue indicators to CANbus-based instrumentation. DEIF’s complete range is now available with this compatibility also, just as we design and develop complete customised instrumentation system solutions.
DEIF’s most recent patented illuminated indicator display series, Flexible Display Indicator, XDi, has been described as a game changer in bridge instrumentation. The XDi series replaces mechanical scales and pointers and takes indicator performance to a whole new level – without compromising DEIF’s market-leading customisation standards and maintaining type approvals for all relevant applications.