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Rental & plant management

Why our rental solutions make the difference

Flexible solutions

Reconfigure your application according to your exact wants and needs – at no extra cost or hassle. Our power management software handles up to 256 gensets per license.



Easy setup

Easy system setup using our free PC utility software. Define your system (mains, mains breakers, tie breakers, bus tie breakers, generators, etc.) and your software generates a graphical illustration in real time. Your system will automatically be configured to handle the application. The software will not allow you to define your system in a way that the AGC-3 does not handle.


Safe hands

No need to worry if our solution works in practice or not. Our power management concept is developed on the basis of practical experience during more than 25 years. This has resulted in one of the most rugged and reliable technology profiles in the world today


On-site service and support

On-site project assistance for complex solutions. Our service engineers and supporters offer well-qualified and personal support. They are noted for a level of knowledge and hands-on experience that goes far beyond the complexity of our own products. They are troubleshooters who understand how to address a problem in a way that meets your requirements. Just as importantly, they understand the importance of sharing their knowledge with you


Training on-site or in our centres

As our customer, we want you to be able to use your product in the most efficient way. We therefore offer on-site training or training programmes in fully equipped facilities all over the world. They feature brand-new simulation equipment and allow for a great deal of hands-on time in a clean, hazard-free and controlled environment without risking damage to your plant.


No optimisation of operation without AGC Plant Management

Systematise your optimisation efforts

The AGC Plant Management system ensures that your plant automatically delivers the required amount of power to the grid at all times. In addition, the system optimises your plant’s fuel consumption as well as its number of running hours.


Fast response – even in fixed power mode

When the system operates in fixed power mode, the generators are assigned their most fuel-efficient power setpoint. If a generator fails to deliver the required amount of power, the other generators will automatically deviate from their optimum setpoints in order to compensate for the production dip until a new generator starts up. When the new generator has synchronised, the deviating generators will return to their original setpoint.


Automatic response to abnormal grid frequencies

As the size of a plant may have considerable effects on the grid, the AGC Plant Management system can be programmed to respond automatically to frequency/voltage abnormalities in the grid. For example: if the frequency varies, the plant load will regulate itself as appropriate. Also, if the grid is overloaded with Kvar, the system will detect it, change the power factor of the plant and start to import Kvar locally. This is to remove Kvar from the transmission lines and the next upstream transformer, improving the load profiles of both.


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DEIF supplies complete diesel, gas or hydro genset power management solutions for critical power, rental, independent power producers and OEMs, as well as marine and offshore control technology for genset power management, paralleling operation, synchronisation and protection. DEIF’s marine bridge instrumentation product line ranges from all-purpose illuminated indicators to ultrasonic wind measuring systems.