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Hydro control technology

Our concept: less hassle

Our approach to hydropower control is different from traditional ways of thinking. Whether you need a multi-functional controller or an integrated system, our control solutions involve fewer components, a simpler setup and no more than one supplier. In short: less hassle.

Your benefits: time, convenience and money 

You benefit from this in more than one way: first of all through a minimum of wiring, construction and engineering work. Second, easy, straightforward and time-efficient programming. Third, the convenience of just one supplier of all of your components – except the PLC. Most notably, however, you benefit from sizable and continuous savings.

Hassle-free hydro control

Our hydro control concept offers you a choice between two options.
The multi-functional option has all relevant control functions integrated into just two hardware units. They interact with your PLC using communication protocols such as Modbus. Because the two units carry out all control functions alone, your PLC does not need to be very powerful.
The alternative option consists of only one unit with a PLC integrated into it. It relies on a unique software structure used in all of our systems. We are therefore able to service and support your specific application throughout its entire lifetime.

Tougher and more flexible

Both of the above options are extremely robust. They have been developed on the basis of seven decades of experience from the maritime sector where requirements are extreme. Moreover, they are designed for AC generators ranging from 2 kW to 20 MW as well as any necessary auxiliary equipment. They are able to match any requirements you may have – no matter how simple or complex.
For more information on what we can do for you, please contact our local specialists.
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DM-4 Hydro

Is your application complex? We design the control solution to match your specific needs. More about DM-4 Hydro here... 

GPU-3 Hydro

Want more genset protection or synchronisation for your PLC? The GPU-3 Hydro may be what you are looking for.

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DEIF supplies complete diesel, gas or hydro genset power management solutions for critical power, rental, independent power producers and OEMs, as well as marine and offshore control technology for genset power management, paralleling operation, synchronisation and protection. DEIF’s marine bridge instrumentation product line ranges from all-purpose illuminated indicators to ultrasonic wind measuring systems.