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Maximum flexibility, efficiency and range

Efficiently and with an absolute minimum of waste – regardless if your gas is bio, natural, landfill or other, our control solutions will enable you to convert it into energy like few other systems. The size of your application is not an issue for us. Nor is the type and make of your gas engine. Our reference list includes all kinds of solutions – from micro-installations to large-scale power plants.

Costs down – value up

Our solutions are designed to optimise operation and reduce gas consumption. Your expenses will drop from day one. You will always be backed by a team of experienced service and support engineers. They will look after your application throughout its entire lifetime – regardless of its geographical location.

You name it – we develop it  

Our standard controllers are extremely flexible and will accommodate most of your needs. But we are also happy to develop completely unique solutions designed exclusively for your specific application. For this purpose, we have at our disposal an entire project department with years of experience in developing solutions together with our customers. The solutions are subject to continuous review and approval by our quality conscious customers.

Need a gas engine control retrofit?

Limited installation costs, simple to implement, a minimum of wiring, user-friendly operation and much much more. With benefits like these, our control concept is the all-in-one solution for your retrofit project. The concept integrates functionalities such as synchronisation, regulation (primary and secondary), protection, power management, auxiliary management and circuit management (water, gas, exhaust).

Your CHP partner

We also offer an integrated CHP control concept that completely eliminates the need for external controllers. As a result, it is a simple, user-friendly and cost-efficient alternative to standard CHP controllers. The concept also includes standby support from our gas competence centre. If you require your solution to include more than just the controller and therefore would prefer an entire system, we can assist with this as well.
To find out what is right for your application, please contact your local DEIF sales representative.
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DEIF supplies complete diesel, gas or hydro genset power management solutions for critical power, rental, independent power producers and OEMs, as well as marine and offshore control technology for genset power management, paralleling operation, synchronisation and protection. DEIF’s marine bridge instrumentation product line ranges from all-purpose illuminated indicators to ultrasonic wind measuring systems.