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27-12-2011 DEIF HMI at high security installation

DEIF’s AGI-107 has recently been integrated into the complex operations systems at Interconnector UK...

DEIF’s AGI-107 – a comprehensive, user-friendly and intuitive HMI – has recently been integrated into the complex operations systems at Interconnector UK.

Glenn Knights, the company’s Maintenance Manager, is excited to have discovered the AGI-107. “This has been an excellent addition to manage the control of our plant electrical feeders, providing us with the confidence and reliability which was lacking with previous systems,” he says.

Interconnector UK operates a sub-sea 40” diameter carbon steel gas pipeline and compression terminal facilities in Bacton in North Norfolk, England, and Zeebrugge, Belgium, providing a strategic bi-directional link between the UK and continental European energy markets. The 235 kilometre pipeline is currently capable of transporting 25.5 billion cubic metres of gas per annum from Zeebrugge to Bacton and 20.0 bcm per annum in the opposite direction.

The pipeline’s changing flows are dictated by the requirements of gas shippers and place constant demands on the compression and pressure letdown plants that service the pipeline.

When the company started using touch screen human-machine interface to manage transfers, the advantages were many and immediately obvious.

According to Glenn Knights, “DEIF’s AGI 107 is an intuitive and user-friendly Advanced Graphical Interface system that requires a minimum amount of training for users.” Among other things he is appreciative that the unit has eliminated the need for the specially trained electrical staff that handled the manual transfers.

Read more about DEIF’s AGI-100 series.

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