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21-01-2011 Energy waste - how to spot it

Sure your energy saving measures are paying off? DEIF’s new multi-instrument, MIC-2, will help you find out...

“The MIC-2 is the best measuring instrument by a significant margin”

Michael Funch Pedersen, Senior Electrician, SSI

Sure your energy saving measures are paying off? DEIF’s new multi-instrument, MIC-2, will help you find out. Michael Funch Pedersen knows how. He is in charge of ensuring safe and reliable operation of the Danish serum institute’s (SSI) production facilities.

What the MIC-2 does

“The MIC-2 not only helps us maintain an optimised level of energy consumption. It also assists us in improving maintenance, cutting man-hours, reducing down-time and ensuring stable operation. All at an extremely reasonable cost”, the technician lauds.

The SSI’s systems are extremely complex, which means that the institute’s quality demands exceptionally high. “We need the best instruments”, Pedersen stresses. He explains that his department’s job is to prevent the SSI from wasting money, but also to provide it with the best possible conditions for making money. “For our purposes, the MIC-2 is the best measuring instrument by a significant margin”, says the ever quality-conscious electrician.


Why it is unique

Anytime and anywhere one of the SSI’s technicians wants to know about the institute’s energy consumption they can simply log on to the internet via their laptop. Having selected the relevant components, machines or buildings, they can then access a number of different measurement points within a number of categories or time intervals. Operators do not have to physically take readings from the instruments.


“Qualities like these make the MIC-2 an extremely dynamic and flexible instrument to work with. Similar products in the market tend to be stand-alone units requiring manual reading and lots of cabling and conversion equipment. We bypass all of this simply by logging on to the internet. This possibility is really one of the unit’s strong points”, the SSI electrician acknowledges.


That is not all

In addition to the core product benefits mentioned above, the instrument holds some exciting potential too, Pedersen believes.

“First of all, it is easy to set up, which saves installation time. Secondly, the instrument’s alarms will warn you of faults before they even occur and you are compelled to replace components. This saves money. Thirdly, the MIC-2 lives up to what DEIF says about it: it is a great product at a very good price. Finally, in a browser window a service engineer will be able to survey the situation in a specific switchboard in just a few seconds: what is the voltage? Is a phase missing? This possibility makes it quick and easy for him to do his job”, the SSI technician explains.


“I would award the MIC-2 nine points out of ten possible. It gives us 90% of the information we need. The remaining 10% include information about places in the system from where it is relatively difficult and expensive to collect data compared to the modest applicability of the information”.


SSI facts

  • SSI is one of Denmark’s largest research institutions in the health sector. It develops, produces and sells vaccines and in vitro diagnostics products
  • SSI’s operations are characterised by a high degree of complexity and consumption of energy
  • Having optimised cooling and ventilation plants in 2009, the SSI’s total consumption of power and district heating dropped by 1% and 2.5%, respectively.
  • In order to reduce energy consumption and minimise energy costs the SSI has introduced an energy policy involving:
    – Identification and implementation of profitable energy saving projects
    – Energy saving purchases
    – Visibility of energy consumption and motivation for energy-efficient behaviour among employees
    – Compliance with existing energy regulations and legislation
    – Creation and ongoing maintenance of a certifiable energy management system
  • The MIC-2 is one of the SSI’s energy saving measures in support of the institute’s energy policy



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