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07-06-2007 GC-1F Generator Controller

GC-1F is the answer to those who prefer a big display and a shallow depth.

DEIF's new Generator Controller, the GC-1F, is a variation of the well-proven and space-saving GC-1 Generator Controller from DEIF. The GC-1F was developed to answer those who prefer a larger front display, but with shallow depth. The larger front panel has the ability to offer more space for the addition of breaker on and off buttons for both mains and generator along with a lamp test facility. The GC-1F unit depth has been reduced to a mere 61mm. In addition, the display size has been doubled, thus significantly improving readability of the multi-language display.


The display is possibly the best available in this class of controllers with a bright white background and large black lettering. Moreover, the GC-1F also offers both CAN bus J1939 engine communication and Modbus RTU.

The new GC-1F DEIF-developed control unit contains all necessary functions for protection and control of generators and diesel engines. Furthermore, it contains a 3-phase AC voltage measuring circuit and is equipped with a graphical display presenting all values and alarms. The GC-1F handles automatic start/stop, engine protection, breaker control, generator protection and AMF. It has 6 configurable binary inputs and 4 LED mini alarm annunciator with an insert which can be easily personalised.

The GC-1F can be supplied with a number of different options. As a consequence, the same hardware is suitable for a variety of different applications. That means costs saved on training and maintenance. DEIF's PC utility software, well-proven in its range of multi-function controllers, ensures easy set-up and commissioning.

For further information, please call +45 9614 9614 or write to deif@deif.com.

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