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A Greener Choice

DEIF develops energy efficient products and solutions that reduce fuel consumption, cut emissions and costly maintenance intervals.

As means to combat climate change, conserve natural resources and meet the challenges of global population growth, we are continually looking for ways to increase the performance and efficiency of our partners’ installations.

A DEIF solution is a greener choice because it means optimised operation: life extensions and other advanced technologies make our customers' assets more valuable and operationally more efficient.​


Green Check List

It is central to DEIF's Green Vision that new product developments, specifications and designs meet and exceed a number of strict self-imposed targets.



Built to Last

We have manufactured market-leading technology for close to eight decades. DEIF is proud to maintain Type Approvals and unparalleled product standards. Thanks to our rigorous in-house testing procedures, DEIF products not only stand out as some of the most robust on the market: they are built to last.


Green at Home


  • Carbon Neutral Heating and Cooling

    The DEIF Group's main headquarters in Skive, Denmark, features an advanced and comprehensive green energy system that includes a carbon neutral Aqua Thermal Storage System: storing ground water at constant temperatures in underground wells, the system heats and cools the buildings and has an indefinite lifespan.


  • CHP Plant Cuts Emissions

    A micro CHP plant generating power for DEIF’s buildings, naturally equipped with DEIF controllers, helps keep our CO2 emissions low.


  • Energy Optimisation System

    Divided into 16 energy zones, DEIF’s headquarters’ Energy Management System (EMS) is a vigilant monitoring and analysis tool that spots and eliminates energy waste.


Environmental policies:


  • Legal requirements & Customer demands

    DEIF wants to comply with or exceed applicable legal requirements, customer demands and other  requirements to which our organization subscribes in relation to environmental aspects.


  • Environmental mind-set

    DEIF wants to prevent pollution & reduce negative environmental impact by encouraging all employees to have a high environmental awareness in every relevant decision taken in the company, especially in our processes and production. We want to have a common green mind-set.


  • On-going Improvement

    DEIF wants to review and evaluate our environmental management continuously to identify opportunities and to improve in our environmental performance. We want to do even better tomorrow.


  • A Green DEIF identity

    Based on our corporate values we want to contribute to a ‘Green DEIF’ identity. We want to act green in our cooperation with business partners and present DEIF processes and facilities as a 'green showcase'.


CO2 neutral website: DEIF A/S is 
part of the CO2 neutral website initiative. The carbon emissions from both the website and the users of the site are offset through the building of new renewable energy sources, various CO2 reducing projects, and through purchasing certified CO2 offsets cleared by relevant government institutions and bodies.

Reduce power consumption: The DEIF website is hosted on Hostnordics servers. As part of Hostnordics green IT strategy, the company has virtualised approximately 60% of its servers. The aim is to be 100% virtual, adding to minimising power consumption to take pressure of the environment.


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DEIF supplies complete diesel, gas or hydro genset power management solutions for critical power, rental, independent power producers and OEMs, as well as marine and offshore control technology for genset power management, paralleling operation, synchronisation and protection. DEIF’s marine bridge instrumentation product line ranges from all-purpose illuminated indicators to ultrasonic wind measuring systems.